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Things to do in Fort Myers Beach with Teenagers

Updated: Dec 30, 2019

Fort Myers Beach is a great place to take teenagers and tweens on a family vacation.  The island is small enough that the kids can be given a little freedom to explore without ever going to far from your resort.  My children, ages 18, 16 and 13, have grown up on Fort Myers Beach.  They still never tire of going to Times Square for the sunset celebration.

There are many outdoor restaurants right in the square with affordable food and great drinks (for mom and dad!).  One of my favorites is Petes Time Out.  This classic Fort Myers Beach restaurant serves the best mojitos in town.  The food is delicious and it is affordable, even for a family of 5 (like mine).  Petes Time Out is owner operated and it shows.  The outdoor tables give you a perfect view of the live music in Times Square without being so close that you can’t have a conversation.  The kids will love the freedom of being able to walk around Times Square in the evening.  It is well lit and family friendly.  Don’t forget to go out on the beach to watch the sunset.

Another teen favorite is fishing on the Fort Myers Beach Pier.  You can rent fishing poles and get bait and tackle on the pier.  Drinks are also available.  You never know what you will catch when fishing in the Gulf of Mexico.  Fishing from shore at Bowditch Point is one of my kids’ favorite spots.  The channel is deep and the current is strong, but that makes for great fishing.  Visit Holiday Adventure Tours and Boat Rental at the Pink Shell Beach Resort where you can pick up a fishing pole, bait and drinks.   It is a short walk from the Pink Shell to Bowditch Point Park. 

My children all love parasailing.  It is a teen favorite!  We have taken numerous friends and relatives up for the flight of a lifetime.   Parents can sign the kids up on shore and let them go out on their own.  The kids come back smiling from ear to ear.  They can’t stop talking about how much fun they had!  Our on-site parasail company Estero Island Parasail also offers a photo package so you can all have proof!

Waverunners are another family favorite.  Teens can drive as long as they are 16 years of age with a valid drivers’ license, and also have a safe boating license.  If they don’t have the safe boating license, we offer the license at all our locations.  It costs $3 and requires a test on safe boating laws.  A study guide is provided in advance.  Parents must sign a release form to allow children to drive or ride a waverunner.  Instructions are given and we monitor the waverunners from shore to make sure everyone is behaving.

When I ask my children what is their favorite activity to do at the beach, they always say, “Just hanging out with our friends.”  The family-friendly resorts on Fort Myers Beach usually have lots of children of all ages, so your teen has a good chance of meeting new friends while on vacation here.  I hope your family enjoys Fort Myers Beach as much as ours does!

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